Pemberley House Bed and Breakfast

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Please remove shoes.

No food or drinks in your bedroom, other than water. 

Please do not sleep on top of the duvet or pillow shams.

Do not get into bed, or sit on the down filled chaise wet from the shower – Please dry off first.

Please do not open windows.  It interferes with the air conditioning/heating system.

Smoking permitted outside only.  If smoking on the deck, please close the door so smoke doesn't come into the house.

Pets must not shed, be vaccinated, and have no fleas.  There is an additional charge of $20.00 for dogs.

You must clean up after your pet. 

No hair dying is permitted. 

Please do not clean up spills using towels or bed linens. 

Ladies, please remove makeup before bedtime.  Do not wipe off your makeup on the face cloth, please use the make-up remover cloths supllied.

You are responsible for any damages caused by you.