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About Pemberley House Bed and Breakfast

Our B&B Seaforth Ontario Story

Pemberley House Bed and Breakfast

Pemberley House Bed and Breakfast Seaforth, Ontario

Pemberley House Bed and Breakfast is aptly named—for the Pemberley estate of author Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice and is described as a “large, handsome stone building” situated within the charming countryside. Seaforth’s vintage, yet newly refurbished, B&B establishment was built in 1874 during the Victorian era. And its welcoming façade echoes a time of slower-paced living, garden soirees, and social “at homes.”

Proprietors John and Nancy Welter are keen to replicate an atmosphere of leisure and recreation. With considerable experience hosting international university students in the past, they definitely know how to extend a welcome and to provide creature comforts for their guests. Extensive renovations have restored the look and the feel of Pemberley House. New bedsteads, mattress sets, bed linens, fluffy towels and accoutrements will set the tone for those staying at Pemberley House—along with its beautiful and functional French Provincial and Victorian furnishings throughout. The Welter’s keen eye for quality antiques is evident—this grand old home has received a face-lift and a makeover.

Providing five beautiful rooms, delicious food, efficient amenities, and a friendly atmosphere are the goals of the Welters. They are people who enjoy people. A positive guest experience is the raison d'être for all they do, for all they offer those who come through the elegant entrance of their home—designed to be their guests’ home while there. Visitors have the option of touring local attractions or enjoying indoor activities as well as badminton, volley ball, bocce, or croquet on Pemberley’s expansive lawns.

It’s all about a relaxed, countryside experience and the pleasures of a small but progressive community.

For those who have never stayed in a B&B before, this experience will convert you to regulars! 

Pemberley House Bed and Breakfast Seaforth, Ontario. Call to book 1-226-699-0003

Meet your Hosts

Nancy was born and raised in Montreal, and left for Calgary in 1977.

John was born and raised in the Toronto area, and left for Calgary in the mid 70's.

1999 - Nancy graduates from the University of Calgary in 1999, Social Science - Political Science - which is pre-law, Minor in Education, Art, Communications, and then does a certificate in E-Commerce

John and Nancy met in 1999.

2015 - Left Calgary behind, hosted our last International Student from the University of Calgary at the end of April, and began our epic cross-country journey to Ontario at the end of May

June 2015

The oil market had tanked, and there was a population boom that the infrastructure couldn't handle, and suddenly John became unemployed. So, we fixed up the house in six months. The house sold within four hours of listing! Then we began the overwhelming task of packing up and had lots of help from friends, or we never would have finished. Then we loaded up the house and drove East to Ontario where our family and grandchildren live.

September 2015

Got married finally, after fifteen years of being together. John says you can't rush these things!

Tripped on my train and fractured my left knee.

December 24th, 2015

Bought Pemberley House! Merry Christmas! Nancy's favorite holiday!

Moved in February 2016

Nancy fell off a ladder and fractured her left leg AGAIN while stripping wallpaper, and was in a wheelchair for six months! Ouch!  

Renovations continue through it all! With the help of our daughter Mandy, son-in-law Eyal, John's brother David and sister-in-law Leslee, and our three granddaughters - Hannah, Abigail, and Gabriella, we finished at the end of July.

August 2016

Opened for business 

2017, 2018, & 2019

Over 100 guests have stayed with us!


Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, and we must pause


Restrictions are lifting and bookings are coming in!

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